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the lost log of the empire state building;

I'm embarking on a...quest, you could call it: posting of the unfinished logs I have lying around on my computer into this community, because despite them not being finished enough to go in the main, I don't want to see them lost to the ages and all.

And besides, in the case of an uberlog, I really think the efforts of ten people shouldn't just disappear!

Some of you will recall a battle for the Empire State Building back in December. Large-scale, Seals won, but not without a fair amount of damage to the structure and the loss of one of their own, BJ, to Cody (then still a neutral). There was an uberlog making the email rounds for a month or two that was meant to cover this, but somewhere along the way we realized it would never get finished in time, so we kept going and figured we'd backdate it...and then somewhere along the line it just plain died.

So here it is, in all its half-assed, unfinished glory. Rest in peace, uberlog. ;_;

(Characters involved: Alex, Brian, Axel, Elian, Ria, Cath, Cyalin, Ashley, BJ, and Cody. Ten people, ladies and gentlemen - although of those ten, two are on different sides now than they were at the time of the log, and no less than half of these characters are now dead. Talk about your blast from the past, eh?)

Cody was bored.

The field trip to the Empire State Building was a completely stupid idea.

What kind of an idiot would want to spend their time looking at thousands and thousands of offices? Every single floor that he'd seen so far had been almost complete copies of each other. All the students were bored out of their skulls. This trip was a horrible idea. He should've just stayed home.

The teachers ignored their students' complete lack of interest and continued droning on. "All right, we're now in the eighty-sixth floor, the observatory. If you look outside you can practically see the entire city. Isn't it a majestic sight to behold?"

Yeah, yeah. If you've seen one building, you've seen them all, Cody thought. Those skyscrapers were eyesores anyway. They just reminded him of the boring, tedious routine that he would have to take up one day. Soon enough, he'll be just like those businessmen in those offices, wasting away precious years to live out life like it was meant to be. It was all work until you grew wrinkled, then you just had death to wait for then.

Blah. He would give his kidneys for something out of the ordinary to happen.

The cold winter breeze ruffled at Alex's immaculate white trenchcoat, sending his tie and his ponytail into the wind. The Angel calmly adjusted his glasses and grinned.

This was their first attempt at a barrier destruction. Though it pained Alex to destroy the Empire State Building, he was willing to cast his personal feelings aside for the greater good and for his comrades. He'd even dressed for the occassion: underneath his trademarked trenchcoat was a light blue dress shirt, golden tie, and khakis.

If he was going to blow shit up, he'd look damn good doing it.

The only problem was that Alex didn't know who his enemies were. Sure, he'd seen a Seal or two, but that was only a Seal or two. Not all six. If there were any in the area, this wouldn't go as smoothly as he hoped. Alex crossed his fingers and walked into the lobby.

It was a bit sad at just how easy it was to sneak out of school these days, Brian mused, as he walked briskly down 5th Avenue. It was a good day for blowing things up, sunny with just a hint of a fall chill.

Swinging his shoulder bag so it was more centered on his bag, the boy grinned widely as he neared the entrance to the tall building. The line was huge and out the door, even though it was a weekday. Well, that's no good.

An idea struck him and he paused a block away, forcing his face into a look of panic and set off at a dead run for the last half a block. He came up to the guard at the doors, winded and blabbering about how he'd been late and his class might already be in the building. The guard eyed him suspiciously for a minute but then waved him through.

Probably thinking well what the hell can a kid do. Another smirk. Little did he know.

Once out of range of the front doors he slowed and paused to look around. A man in a white trench coat caught his eye, but he decided to stay where he was, fading back into the shadows to observe. Though one could tell something was up by the way some part of him was always moving, whether it be arms, legs or his eyes.

Elian was already inside the lobby, leaning against the wall in some out of the way corner and waiting for the other Seals to show up - the last time they'd met, they had made plans to meet up again here, and so...here he was.

Despite having lived his entire life in NYC, it was the first time he'd actually been inside the Empire State Building. It's impressive, he thought, taking another glance around. Glad I got to see it before anything happens to it, anyway...

He took another look around, hoping to see a clock or something. Just where were the other five right now?

Ria smiled warmly at the Security Guard as she passed through the metal detector, her purse and hat going through the conveyor after her. She was nodded along towards the ticket line, but after taking her bag and replacing her bucket hat on her head she glanced around the lobby, looking for familiar faces, worrying her lip a little.

After a moment she spied Elian and her face lit up, and she hurried over to him. "Elian!" She smiled, adjusting the strap of her bag absently and glancing around. "...I guess I'm not late!" Thank goodness, she always felt horribly embarassed when she was the last person to arrive for group meetings and the like.

Cath came into the lobby as well, not too far behind Ria. She was about to say hi, but instead she paused and scanned the lobby. She had been here once before, when she was seven years old or so, so her surroundings seemed slightly familiar to her.

She spotted Elian and Ria over in the corner. She waved enthusiastically and ran over to them.

"Hi guys!" she said brightly, grinning widely. "How are you?"

Ashley rushed in not long after, his face flushed and his hair plastered to his face from sweat. He'd ran the whole way, and lost one of his sneakers dodging a car. He had stopped to have a brief moment of silence in its memory, before going off again. The sneaker had served him well.

The security guard did give him a rather odd look, but he supposed it was because most people had a difficult time deciding whether he was male or female. Ashley supposed the green t-shirt he was wearing with the words "I'm No Angel" sparkling on the front of it would have set him off in the wrong direction. But the only reason he was wearing it was to clarify...er, exactly what he was. And also because his mother thought it was 'cute.'

He glanced around frantically for familiar faces. And, brightening when he saw three, he rushed over to them quickly.

"Er-- Am I late? I'm late, aren't I?"

Cody stood by the wall while the rest of his class observed the view. Just how long were they going to look outside? It was just a bunch of buildings! This was a waste of time. He quietly excused himself from the room and walked in the hallway mindlessly. There had to be something amusing around here.

After a while of wandering around, Cody grew curious as to what people actually DID in those offices. The first thing to come into his mind was, obviously, boring work, but he wondered how these people managed to do boring work day after day. He obviously couldn't handle staying in this place for a mere two hours, so how did they manage to survive being here all day, every day? Cody looked around to see if anybody was looking at him, then peered into a room.

Not surprisingly, the person inside was busy on paperwork. Cody backed off and moved to the next room, but saw the same thing. And more of the same after that. As he moved down to the end of the hallway, Cody had to wonder if every single person here was cloned. They were all so alike that Cody swore that they were synchronized to each other. But then he looked through the last door, Cody couldn't believe what he saw.

This man had a gun. How the heck did this guy manage to sneak that in past security? Was he planning to use it? Cody looked intently as the wielder started to polish the handgun and reload it. The man then put it away in his desk drawer, then went back to work. When he looked up at the door a minute into his work, Cody panicked and bolted away to the nearest bathroom.

Okay, so maybe there were some things interesting in the workplace.

The first thing Alex noticed when he entered the lobby was Elian, Cath, and what appeared to be the rest of the Seals.

Oh, fuck.

He bit his lip and reached for a cellphone in his pocket, quickly turning on his heel and hiding in a corner as far away from the Seals as possible. He was going to need some backup, and he knew just the guy to call.

Hopefully Axel wouldn't be too upset.

There were way too many people here for Brian's liking. He shifted from foot to foot, bag starting to get heavy on his shoulder as his light eyes scanned the lobby.

A group huddled just inside the doors caught his eye now and though they didn't look much different then the other groups something about them made him wary. It was like the room suddenly went icy cold like he'd frozen something and all he could see was those four people. It was weird.

He tried to shake the feeling and failed. "This is getting BORING." he mumbled to himself.

...Well, somebody obviously had to get it started. Brian grinned suddenly and moved along the wall, farther into the lobby. As he did so he trailed a finger against the granite wall behind him, leaving a trail of gleaming ice where it has slid across the smooth surface. Wonder how long it'll take them to notice every single pipe in the place is freezing....

And here they came. "Hey, Ria - oh, Cath, hey - no, you're not late, Ashley -" Elian paused and took another look around the lobby. "So there's four...guess that means we're just waiting on two more and we can get down to business, huh?"

He hadn't seen any sign of BJ or Cyalin yet, and they couldn't really start without everyone unless they wanted to end up going over the same things twice. "So, uh, how's everybody doing?"

Ria smiled at both Cath and Ashley as they came up, looking a little concerned at the lack of shoe and out- of-breath appearance of the latter. She reached into her purse and pulled out a bottle of water, holding it out to him. She always carried water and a snack, just in case she got stuck somewhere and would need it. She was very good at always being prepared.

Once she was sure Ashley wasn't going to keel over, she looked back at Elian, shrugging her shoulders a little at his question, opting for that to be answer enough, since nothing really ever happened in her life, in her opinion, and the others were really far more interesting.

BJ knew she was a little late, but it couldn't really be helped. She walked towards the massive building in her jeans, and torn jean jacket. She could feel the movement of the bugs in the two water bottles in her inner pockets.

Before she came to the guards, she calmed the bugs down so they wouldn't be noticed. She was waved through, and entered the lobby. It didn't take long for her to spot the group, and she waved to them.

After she cleared security, Cyalin looked around for the rest of the group. After a few moments, she spotted them, then crossed the lobby to join the group.

"I would have brought ice cream, but I'm afraid that I ate it when I was in line," she said. "I had not expected security to take as long as it did."

Cyalin began to rummage through her purse. "Have you all bought your tickets already?"

Cath searched into her small backpack and pulled out a bottle of water. She sucked on the pull-top thoughtfully, waving at each person who came in and greeting them cheerfully with a big smile. She was so excited to see everyone again. It seemed like she could never run out of energy.

She nodded at Elian, pulling the water bottle out of her mouth. "I'm doing great!" she said, and then said hello to Cyalin as she came up to the group. Cath nodded to her. "Yup, I've got mine!"

Axel was in the middle of drawing an intricate butterfly into the shoulder of a young lady who insisted on telling him her life story while she waited, when his cell phone went off.

"Christ." He nearly slipped, it startled him so badly. He just didn't get calls that often; he hadn't even remembered what his own ringtone sounded like. Carefully pulling back and setting the tattoo pen on the tray next to the table, he fished the thing out of his pocket and looked at the display screen.

Alex. Alex...oh! Right. One of the other Angel dudes. Why had he even given out his number? He'd sort of regretted it even as he'd typed it out to send. He'd been setting himself up for this. So why was Alex calling him now? Wait...was this about that Empire State Building thing? Yeah, that had to be it. With a sigh, he finally pressed SEND and held the phone up to his ear. "Yeah...I'll be there in ten."

It would have taken a lot longer if he'd walked...and even longer if he'd been stupid enough to try and hail a cab. But that was where the roof-hopping came in handy. Assuring his customer that this was an emergency and he'd have to close for the day, but she'd be able to have the rest finished for free tomorrow, he quickly closed up shop, jogged outside and...hopped to the nearest roof.

How convenient that no one ever seemed to notice. Must have been one of those special people-who-are-involved-with-the-end-of-the-world things.

He was very nearly right on the mark with his estimate of how long it would take to get to the entrance of the building. The problem was clearing security. The second he dug his cordless tattoo pen out of one of his khaki side pockets, the guards went on alert.

"It's not dangerous, I swear!" Okay, that was sort of a lie, but his efforts were to no avail anyway. He'd have to come grab it once the badness started, if he got the chance. Good thing he carried a few markers and average run-of-the-mill pens on him...in the opposite pocket. Those would have to do for now.

Ashley had smiled gratefully, unscrewing the lid and taking a long drink, a sense of relief flooding him as he felt the water rushing down his throat. He then nodded hello at Cyalin as she approached, putting the lid back on the bottle as he used his free hand to feel around in his pockets for his ticket.

"Um--yes! Right here!"

Cody stepped out from the bathroom and looked around. Good, nobody noticed him. He closed the door behind him, quietly tiptoed across the office with the gun, then ran back to where his classmates where supposed to be...

...but they weren't there. They must've forgotten about him and moved on. "Crap, this isn't good. Now where the hell am I supposed to go?"

Alex shut his phone and bit his lip. He was going to need all the help he could get.

Speaking of help, he saw Brian loitering around in the hallway. He smirked - good, good. He couldn't make a move just yet with all these Seals here, but Brian could. And that made things terribly easier.

Alex cleared his throat and gestured for Brian to come towards him.

He couldn't believe how stupid people were to not even notice the sparkling white line that now traversed half of the lower wall. Not like Brian didn't like the fact that people didn't notice, caused a lot less questions. Finally lifting his finger, he almost idly leaned against the wall, pressing his ear against the hard stone, listening and grinning as he heard a soft straining noise. Couple more minutes maybe.

He straightened and caught site of Alex motioning to him. Shifting his bag again, he wandered over, grinning like a cat who'd found the cream.

"I hope you don't mind getting wet..." he started, tilting his head to the side, "...because this place is about to get flooded." And true to his word a few seconds later there was a loud bang and people started screaming as water started gushing into the lobby.

"Ticket. Right..." Elian reached into his pocket. "Could've sworn it was in here somewh--"

BANG! He was cut off by - something - where was all that water coming from? He'd expect them to do good enough maintenance to keep the pipes from bursting here, of all places. "What the shit?"

Ria let out a squeak of surprise as the water hit her boots, promptly pulling her bag up a little higher on her shoulder. Her books and papers were in there, and they'd be no use to her wet. Frowning she scanned the lobby and crowd, which was easier said than done, with people now running for the exit or higher ground, one hand atop her head holding the brim of her hat back so she could see better. Water had never been one of her elements, but she'd lived on an island. She knew enough about currents and directions to know which way to look.

"..Over there!" She pointed with her free hand, before frowning a little, squinting, trying to see through the surging crowd. "...I-Is it coming out of the wall?" It was hard to tell, this far away.

BJ felt around her pockets for a second, and finding no ticket was about to go to get one. A second later, there was a loud sound, and BJ just stared as water started to come from nowhere.

"I'm guessin' that havin' a ticket isn't too important now is it?"

Cyalin took a moment to consider the fact that water that was swiftly gathering around her ankles. "No. I suppose not."

She twitched her toes experimentally "Dear me. I do believe my shoes are wet."

Cyalin lifted one foot out of the water and watched the moisture drip, running from the toe to her socks before streaming off of her heel. It felt rather squishy.

The corners of her mouth tilted downwards. "I don't think I like it."

Cath gasped as the water rushed by her legs, and her head instinctively snapped up. Why was there water in here? What was going on? Something in her mind told her that it was dangerous here, something was definitely wrong. But she couldn't help but smile.

"Hey guys?" she yelled over the voices of the other people in the area, though the noise turned it into a whisper. "Maybe we should move to higher ground! There might've been something up with the water main!"

Well. That was convenient. Axel smirked and nodded toward the water now rushing at them. "You might want to go take care of that," he said to the guys at security clearance...who were already ignoring him in favor of running off to do exactly that - or to just get out of the building. And so he snatched up his tattoo pen and walked right into the lobby as though the slosh of water around his ankles didn't exist.

So long as he stayed clear of the pipes spraying every which way, he should be fine. Getting his pens wet would, after all, not be such a good thing.

There were a lot of Seals here already. No wonder Alex had called. So where was he? It took a little bit of scouting since the other Angel seemed to be hiding, and since there were now so many people running for the exit, but finally he spotted him. "Looks like you guys don't need much help after all," he chuckled as he approached the two.

Ashley shrieked like a girl.

"We-- Where did-- Let's... um... UM!"

He panicked. He couldn't get any of his ribbons wet-- soggy ribbons hardly did anyone any good--but standing around wouldn't help at all. He could vaguely hear Cath's voice saying something about higher ground. Any person with common sense would obey. Ashley Compton was sadly lacking.


In the meanwhile, Cody kicked open the door to the 87th floor and ran through the crowded hallway.

Where were they? He wasn't away for THAT long! Did they just know that he was gone and just leave him behind? Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit! He couldn't find them anywhere!

Cody was about to go back to the stairs when a man suddenly ran out from his office and crashed right into him, sending both to the floor.

"Hey, what's your problem?" The man ignored him and started to head for the stairs. More people followed his lead, stampeding over the poor boy in their panic.

"Dammit, what the hell is going on?"

"Kid, haven't you heard? The entire plumbing system's gone haywire, and this whole place is starting to flood!"

"I'm not a... it's WHAT?" Flood? How could that happen? What could've...?

He had to go back downstairs. He had to see what was going on.


Alex smirked at Axel, in awe of Brian's powers. "No, I suppose not. But, the more the merrier, right?"

After all, they had a building to destroy. And seeing as everyone was flipping out all around him, it wouldn't hurt to make a move now, would it? Alex unbuttoned his trenchcoat and cast it over his broad shoulders, grinning like the Cheshire cat.

"Let's raise some hell, boys."

Brian was close to bouncing up and down as he shifted back and forth on the balls of his feet, a grin twisting at his lips as he watched the panic spreading through the building.

He suddenly realized that this was something that interested him. An outlet he could finally put all his energy into.

...This was FUN. And fun would always have the young boy's full attention.

Another man had joined them and Brian assumed it was a fellow comrade, he gave the man a smirk before dipping a hand into the water and swirling it. "Raising some hell sounds like fun!"

A couple more turns of his finger in the gushing water and it suddenly became a small whirlpool, growing with each turn of Brian's hand. "You guys might wanna get outta the way. Unless you want to get sucked up." He lifted his hand, the swirling water following it until it became a pillar of blue and white in front of the boy. A flick of his finger set it off toward the entrance of the building, picking up anything in it's path.

Elian took a quick glance around the lobby. Cath was probably right; they needed to get either out or up. But something caught his attention - some kind of movement at the edge of his vision. He turned his head to take a look...

...and saw a pillar of water plowing through the lobby, towards the entrance of the building.

Even for a flooding building, that was not normal. They had been gathered off to the side, and it didn't look like it was going to hit them, but nonetheless - "Guys, incoming!" he snapped.

It would have been smarter to get clear first, but that had been enough to convince him that this wasn't your normal freak accident...not that there was anything normal about freak accidents to begin with, but whatever. He took a deep breath and forced himself to concentrate, ignore the noise, ignore the water. If he was wrong, he'd drop it again, no harm done, but he was pretty damned sure he wasn't wrong, and if that was the case -

His kekkai flared up around them, encompassing the building.

Ria turned her head at Elian's warning, her eyes widening and she took a few running steps backwards, almost falling over in the water that was now splashing over the tops of her low boots.

She barely noticed when the kekkai was activated, since she was rifling through her bag for her book, pulling out several leaves of paper and throwing them out to create a temporary shield hovering midair. Paper wouldn't hold water very long, especially not spinning-deathwater, but it might spare them all a few extra seconds to get out of the warpath.

The water wasn't phasing her, but BJ's mind had gotten lost in the confusion. The water started shooting out towards the entrance, and then the kekkai went up, and everything was happening fast.

She didn't know exactly what was going on, so she started looking around in different directions. It didn't exactly help her, but she didn't know what else to do.

Cyalin froze as she felt something sweep over her. It was only for an instant, but it seemed as if something cool had passed by. So that was a kekkai? How shiny! She'd have to find a chance to activate hers sometime; it would probably be of some interest. Maybe it could be used to set off fireworks without a permit.

Then things began to compute. Water. Pillar. Could get hit. That might suck. Moving further out of the way would probably be a good idea.

She turned and started to move towards the wall. Unfortunately, before she got further than two steps...splash. Although she couldn't identify what she had tripped on, it was obviously enough to maker her lose her balance and fall, completely submurged in the water.

Cursing her clumsiness, Cyalin remained under water for a second, but it wasn't long before she pushed herself up into a kneeling position. Still using her arms for support, she began to cough.

Swallowing water of questionable sanitation was not very fun.

Cath felt a somewhat pleasing swoosh pass her as the kekkai went up. She looked down just as Cyalin had tripped, and she waded over to the other girl after a moment and knelt down next to her, patting her shoulder and helping her get up. "Hey, I hope you're okay!" she whisper-shouted, patting her back a bit to ease her coughing. Cath looked up once more and tried to think of something she could do. She knew that her fire wouldn't be of any use here, and that was all she really had. She considered this for a moment.

"Nice save, Ria!" she called, giving her a thumbs up. "But I don't think this is the time! We should start moving so that we don't get sucked in!"

Ax stepped back, and when Brian sent a miniature hurricane across the lobby, he let out a low whistle. Now that was impressive. However... "You flooding the whole building? If I can get about halfway up, I might be able to bring the walls down. But...I can't get wet." He held up a few sharpies in indication. No...ink magic didn't work well with water at all. Besides, Ax was more useful working behind the scenes than in an actual battle. His fighting skills were far from expert, and the only way his "specialabilities" could do damage to a person was if he could hold someone down long enough to draw all over them.

Ashley felt a wave of relief wash over him as the kekkai was raised. Or maybe that was what it felt like to be thrown through the air. His ribbons reacted almost immediately-- against his will-- and held onto something a distance away, pulling him in once they had secured a grip.

He then proceeded to be slammed into a wall.

Okay, he didn't just hear that. Cody shook his head and made his way across the crowded hallway when suddenly they all disappeared. They were just GONE. There was nobody left. When he walked over to the stairs, there wasn't a soul in sight. He ran back to the hallway and looked through room to room, but there was nobody there. Everything was stopped, as if it was stuck in time. Even the elevators were frozen in halfway position, refusing to open or close any further.

"What... what the heck just happened?" he said to absolutely no one.

Then no one replied back.

I dunno, but maybe you should check the downstairs.

What the...? Cody tried to move his head to look for the source of the voice, but it wouldn't move. He tried to move his hands, but they were frozen stiff. His legs were glued to the floor. What was going on?

Then his head moved on its own to look at the reflection on the elevators, and Cody couldn't believe his eyes.

His own blue eyes. He didn't have blue eyes. The figure in the reflection broke out a smile, his OWN smile, then broke off in a sprint to the stairs.

Time to bark out the orders. "Brian, keep this up, and keep it up quickly!" He turned his head towards Axel. "Ready?"

Alex summoned his flamberge and pointed it at the failing paper shield. A swift cut would do it in quickly enough. Nodding to himself, Alex leapt forwards, his shoes sloshing through the flooding kekkai.

Alex smirked as he cut the wet paper easily with his flamberge. "Found you", he teased, grinning at the Seals.

Brian colored slightly at the praise from the two other Angels, his smirk gaining even more confidence. He shivered briefly as an odd sensatation passed over him and suddenly the people not involved vanished. He didn't bother to figure out why, instead nodding to Axel. "The upper floors should be okay. I was trying to concentrate on the lower part."

Dipping a finger back into the water he twisted it about again, adding smartly, "Ai Ai Captain!" as he saluted Alex and quickly conjured up another whirlpool, sending it directly at the group of Seals.

That goddamned flamberge again. As he edged backwards, Elian wondered how Alex would feel about having it stuck through a worse part of his anatomy this time. Though really, if Alex was going to stick with that weapon, it worked in Elian's favor. He wouldn't have much trouble controlling the magnetic fields around him well enough that a metal weapon would never even hit him.

But another whirlpool coming at them - that was no good, especially if they stayed bunched up in the same area. They made too good of a target unless they spread out. Elian moved to the side, away from the others.

.......THE END. ;_;
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