Seven ways to sanity (nailbat) wrote in resolutioncrack,
Seven ways to sanity

I don't know why, but I got it into mmy head a few days ago to make the Sydney Seals all live in a house together in the Sims 2.
I'm letting them run of their own free will and so far, the results are interesting.
Also, the sims aren't QUITE correct. We got as close as possible. XD

Moving in. Look at my little minions. John's overeager, as usual. Having to be the first one in the house.

Still walking toward the door. Seth's totally straight for Nadia in this picture. Then again, who isn't?

Once inside, everyone made their way directly to the bathroom. Isn't it a lovely bathroom? Soon, Jess and Sheri say "Fuck that" and go to paint, and play the piano, respectively.

Hours later, Molly and Monty decide they might be hungry.

And then everyone else invades. KITCHEN. TOO. SMALL. FOR. SEVEN.

Monty gets away from it all by taking out the rubbish.

More Nadia love.

And I'll conclude this with a family portrait. Aren't they so cute?
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